The Alura Lounge

the Alura chair and sunlounger family became even more versatile with the introduction of the modular Alura Lounge.

You can combine the three different sizes of aluminium bases (800, 1600 and 2400mm long), all available in three colours of textured coating with matching colour mesh seat, into any arrangement you like.

Thus you can build a 1- , 2- or 3-seater, or an L- or U-shaped sofa. Then decide where you want to install the modular back- and armrests, before choosing the cushion lay-out.

Now choose from the wide array of fine colourful textiles to create the lounge set of your dreams.




Embrace serenity with a hint of sophistication

Royal Botania’s Alura Collection is the epitome of elegance in outdoor design furniture, but… its simplicity also imbues it with a warm-hearted, cosy vibe. Available in three natural colours – black, white, and sand – the gentle flow of the aluminium frame radiates strength.

And that strength, combined with softness, solidity, and hygge’s inextinguishable spark of warmth are your magic ingredients. Amid the turmoil, you find your still centre, surrounded by nature’s simple beauty and the merry company of those you love.

Royal Botania invites you to indulge in the best of life.