Strappy 55

The new and highly original Strappy line features a coated stainless steel structure consisting of one continuous rod running all the way around to form a minimalistic yet functional and stackable framework, to which the padded seat straps and armrests are attached. They appear as if suspended inside this elegant frame. That the front and rear are connected only by soft elements is, however, an optical illusion. What meets the eye is in fact the upholstery, the aluminium straps are nicely hidden inside. Together with the hidden armrest connection they are the backbone of the Strappy. This optical ‘trick’ not only makes it possible to have a very fine and fragile looking framework, but also caters for an even bigger advantage. The upholstery can be removed in no time, for cleaning or winter storage. With an extra set you could even change the look of the Strappy to follow the colours of the season. As if the selection of some 70 different colours and textures for the upholstery fabrics wasn’t enough, we have also added three highly resistant imitation leathers to the list. Dressed in black, cognac, or taupe leather-look fabric, Strappy really stands out from the crowd and blurs the line between indoor and outdoor furniture.    

Strappy 195

To complement the Strappy 55, we have also created a Strappy sun lounger and footrest. Apart from an extra strap and a slightly thicker frame, it shares all the clever features and advantages of the chair. The stretched lines add even more elegance to its appearance, and a discrete roller can be fitted so that you can follow the sun on your terrace.

Throw in a matching fluffy cushion and dream away in style!

Strappy Rocking Chair & Relax Chair

In 2022 we added the Strappy Rocking Chair & Low Chair to the collection. These new products, of course, have the same characteristics as mentioned above, but with a new look & feel. Sit back and relax in style!