The Styletto Lounge

Aficionados of minimalistic, sophisticated design will revel in the subdued splendour that typifies the brand new Styletto collection. The lounge set features lush materials, exquisite craftsmanship and an innovative technical touch for maximum comfort. The selection of outdoor furniture includes iconic designs in various fabrics, shapes and sizes. The pieces lend themselves to countless decoration possibilities, limited only by the extent of your imagination. Easily transform and rearrange the stylish teak tables – complete with tapered legs – to enhance any space precisely as you envision it. Invite your friends to share delectable dishes at your glamorous dinner table. Imagine a mellow afternoon gracefully reclining in your sun lounger with a glass of bubbly goodness. Or luxuriate in the lavish cushions of your cosy corner, letting your mind drift off in whimsical daydreams. Our classy collection offers you the versatility to create the haven of your choice.

For 30 years now, Royal Botania has been appreciated for integrating, subtle technical details into its creations. These clever technical innovations that do not meet the eye, but offer lots of extra comfort and ease of use. And this is again the case for the all new StylettoLounge. The base frames, sitting on nicely tapered stiletto-shaped legs, come in 3 sizes (…). It only takes a blink of the eye to install and fix the padded and upholstered back- or armrests where you want them. Thus, your coffee bench in the morning, can be your sunlounger with a reclining back in the afternoon, and transform again to be your lounge-set in the evening. The possibilities are endless. The comfort is priceless.