A serene island hideaway

Awaken to a dazzling blue sky and the rhythmic sigh of the waves lapping on the shore. The glorious sun streams in through the open window and spills unto the floor into a pool of liquid gold. The beautiful morning, infused with promise, tranquility and renewal, lures you out of bed and unto the patio. As you step out into the world, the cool stone caresses your bare feet while the sunlight cascades down and envelops you in a warm embrace. You soak up its exuberant energy. The feather soft touch of the sea breeze on your cheek, the sensation of the sun lingering on your skin, the glittering pool surrounded by leafy green… The magnificent simplicity of life on a Mediterranean island makes your heart sing. Cradle a cup of freshly brewed Greek coffee in your hands and breathe in its earthy scent as you contentedly sink into your luxurious Royal Botania lounge chair. You delight in the natural hues and the airy style of the furniture adorning your poolside sanctuary. A place to relax, breathe and enjoy life.

Serenity and a sense of wonder

Bring the idyllic island charm into your home with our signature pieces. The Styletto collection celebrates the brilliance of simplicity and induces a sense of refinement and calm. Natural tones and gentle undulating lines melt together in a lyrical lullaby. From dawn to dusk, the comfy chairs offer the perfect pairing with the alfresco backdrop, reflecting the resplendent brightness of the sun at high noon or the soft pink and purple twilight glow. The elegant pieces of our outdoor set emanate serenity, inviting you to take a step back from the whirlwind of  daily life and relish the moment. Experience the wonder of effortless luxury and sleek design. Allow Royal Botania’s Styletto collection to steal you away on a journey that invokes the purity of island life.

Materials used in this inspiration

A collection to captivate the imagination

Aficionados of minimalistic, sophisticated design will revel in the subdued splendour that typifies the brand new Styletto collection. The lounge set features lush materials, exquisite craftsmanship and an innovative technical touch for maximum comfort. The selection of outdoor furniture includes iconic designs in various fabrics, shapes and sizes. The pieces lend themselves to countless decoration possibilities, limited only by the extent of your imagination. Easily transform and rearrange the stylish teak tables – complete with tapered legs – to enhance any space precisely as you envision it. Invite your friends to share delectable dishes at your glamorous dinner table. Imagine a mellow afternoon gracefully reclining in your sun lounger with a glass of bubbly goodness. Or luxuriate in the lavish cushions of your cosy corner, letting your mind drift off in whimsical daydreams. Our classy collection offers you the versatility to create the haven of your choice.

Products used in this inspiration: